The other website highlights Toby Jugs that have either fetched low prices or failed to sell at auction (such as these Thin Boy and Sailor Toby Jugs) stating “rarities fail to find a buyer – these may have been popular yesterday………….”

Most of the Toby Jugs that they show as unsold had extensive restoration and / or were poorly decorated – they fail to mention this but do suggest we ought to consider making an offer after the sale as we might be lucky? Collectors do take into account condition and appearance when deciding on what to bid for!

Many early Toby jugs have achieved record prices at auction over the past year and my sales have never been better. I simply cannot understand why this other website chooses to be so full of doom and gloom particularly as it is run by people who clearly understand and appreciate early Toby jugs? My advice to all is that early Toby jugs continue to sell extremely well and so - carry on collecting!