Again with the Sharp face, when you compare the Falkner picture with the "current" picture a sufficient number of features are identical, such as eyebrows, pipe bowl, foam on small jug etc as well as glaze markings to be assured that this is the same Toby. This one is from my collection and I knew it to be ex Mackintosh collection from the 1967 Sotheby's sale - now I can trace it back a further 55 years to Falkner 1912!   

A great piece of detective work by Paul and another small piece fitted into the puzzle of these Toby jug's history

Knowing that a Toby jug was in a particular collection or with a specific dealer adds to our understanding of the Toby and on occasions can add value to the Toby jug - the cachet of being ex Mackintosh, BUTE or Captain Price collections certainly adds a tangible amount to it's worth.